About Me, About This

Me. Sunshine sister, ‘California girl’ (after my favourite VW van), on the road.

About Me: A citizen of Germany and Canada, I was born to people with the wanderlust disease. Instantly infected, I lived abroad from my family the first time when I was 15, and then moved out permanently at 17 to complete my studies in the mystical United Kingdom. Here I scaled cliffs and mountains, visited castles and ruins, and made some amazing friends. Having completed my Bachelors I set off for the next adventure- a masters with the second year in Moscow. Moscow was a wonderful chance to develop my ideas on international politics, social welfare politics, and the human race, while having a blast and exploring the unknown. I look to continue this now that the academic work is done and I can dedicate myself to outdoor activities, cultural explorations and delicacies of the edible type.

Why ‘Sunshine Travels’? Well, my last name is similar to the German word for Sunshine, and the loveable Americans kept on getting it wrong while I grew up there. Add my ‘sunny’ disposition, and I ended up with the nickname Sunshine, and I won’t give it up.

Want to know more about the Sunshine Traveller? See random musings as I respond to ten questions posed by a fellow blogger!

I post about lots of different things that happen to me during my time in the great Motherland and exploring other places. My most loved posts so far are:

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About Moscow: ‘6 Things every foreigner should know before taking the Moscow Metro‘ which was written during a particularly long journey, and uploaded via the Metro’s Wi-Fi

About Running: ‘Sight-Running, not Sight-Seeing‘, a stunning introduction to Rome

And about other odds and ends: ‘No I do not want a Selfie Stick!‘ and much much more.